Welcome to the 2014 Miss Teen Montgomery Pageant Competition!

Recent Updates:

This Just In! Official Photos - 2013/2014 Miss Teen National Winners

Congratulations to the 2013/2014 National Miss Teen Competition Winners! Kelsey Janser - Miss Teen, Grace Palaparty - Miss Jr. Teen, Madeleine Oney - Miss Pre-Teen, and Emma Haag - Miss Jr. Pre-Teen.

This Just In! It's Time for Nationals - December 2013 Edition

It's time for the 2013 National Competition to begin! Take a look at the beginnings of what is sure to be the most memorable moments in these young girls' lives. The roster is in, and it's being updated daily! The winners from the 2013 Miss Teen Preliminary Pageants, and the early 2014 Miss Teen Preliminary Pageants are ready to fly to the Sunshine State for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. More to come once the fun commences!

This Just In! October 2013 Edition

How much is too much? Join a few 2014 Miss Teen contestants as they model their most natural look. Check out tips for interview attire and see pictures from the most recent 2014 season winners!

Three areas of competition include:

Personal Interview

Casual Wear

Formal Wear

Over $45,000 awarded in cash scholarships this past December at Nationals

The Miss Teen Program at a glance -

  • No Swimwear Competition – Judging is based on Personality
  • No Past Experience Needed – Training will be provided
  • Represent your city in Orlando & Compete for over $30,000.00 in Prizes including Cash Scholarships
  • Make new friends and gain self-confidence!

2014 marks a milestone for the Miss Teen Montgomery Pageant Competition. This year's Montgomery Pageant Competition will crown four young ladies from Montgomery County and beyond who will move forward to compete in the 2015 National Pageant for their share of thousands of dollars in cash scholarships, helping to secure their future.

This Years Montgomery Pageant

The 2014 Miss Teen Montgomery Pageant brings together ages 7 through 19 in a friendly competition highlighting inner beauty and natural energy. Unlike many other pageant systems, the title holders of 2014 Miss Jr. Pre-Teen, Miss Pre-Teen, Miss Jr. Teen, and Miss Teen Montgomery will be young ladies who are "beautiful on the inside, and complimented by their presence on the outside".

Competing in Personal Interviews, Casual Wear, and Formal Wear, each young woman will put their best face forward for the judges, showing off their confidence and poise. Those contestants with the top ten highest scores move forward to the Top Ten competition which will determine who will walk away with this year's Miss Teen pageant title.

We wish all of the potential contestants the best of luck as they interview for their acceptance into the 2014 Miss Teen, 2014 Miss Jr. Teen, 2014 Miss Pre-Teen, and 2014 Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Montgomery Pageant!